10. Immediate Regret

“My sister had a patient who was interested in having her clitoris pierced, but was afraid of the pain. Curious, she affixed a super strong magnet on top of and below the clitoris, but couldn’t remove them. By the time she got to the hospital, her tissue was essentially dead. The doctor had to SCRAPE the magnets off of her dead clitoris, as there was no other way to remove them.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

11. People Suck

“I used to work in the Accident and Emergency department in our city hospital.

Without a doubt, the worst thing I ever dealt with was the police and social services bringing in a 2-year-old who had been immediately removed from his home after a child protection visit.

The parents had stubbed out lit cigarettes on the child’s eyes. On his actual eyeballs.

He had the most horrific injuries, both old and new. I will never forget prepping the child for surgery to have his eyes removed.

The fact any human could do this to another, especially a child and their own flesh and blood, is the scariest thing ever for me.”

12. Some People’s Standards Just Aren’t As High As They Should Be

“Dude shot some kind of injectable Mexican viagra into his dick so he could fuck his girlfriend. Turns out he basically totaled his junk, urology told us his dick was never gonna work again. Best part was, he had a wife who he had to explain this to, and a colostomy.

Finding out that some old dude with a part of his intestine hanging out of his abdomen that drips out shit all the time, and who also is unable to get a hard-on without shoving a needle into his dick, is somehow married AND has a girlfriend while I’m still single as all hell was quite a realization.”

13. Lucky Break…At Least For Those Already In The ER

“Had a car crash through our ambulance bay, action movie style. The entire car was well within the building when it finally stopped. It was a 16-year-old kid carrying his 14-year-old brother who had been shot in the abdomen over some gang stuff.

Many people had just vacated that area seconds earlier because there was a CPR that came in and they were all in the trauma room working on that. If they had not, there would have been a lot of injuries.”