Get your traveling shoes on, my friends! Oh, and grab a pen, because you’re going to want to check out these totally amazing sights the next time you’re planning a vacation, excursion, or unnamed outing that costs way too much but is totally worth it.

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#20. Ruins of Leptis Magna, Libya

The sprawling ruins display some of the most intricately carved motifs still around from the Roman period.

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#19. Standing Stone of Callinish

If you’ve been there, done that with Stonehenge (or just want to make a pilgrimage to more than one set of bizarre, inexplicably standing rocks), you can’t miss these. The Neolithic stones stand in a near-perfect circle.

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#18. Mogao Caves, China

This network of caves consists of hundreds of temples, carved statues, and colorful frescoes. Totally stunning!

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#17. Prambanan, Indonesia

This Hindu temple has been around since the 9th century and was the stuff of myths until it was discovered in the 1800s. Well, I mean someone wrote about it or something I guess. Obviously humans built it so not exactly “discovered”, but more like revealed to the (Western) world.

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#16. Milford Sound, New Zealand

Glaciers created these fjords more than 20,000 years ago, and you can spend days exploring their peaks, valleys, waterways, and waterfalls. Oh, and by the way there are seals, penguins, and dolphins.

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#15. Viñales Valley, Cuba

It’s really too bad that restrictions on solo travel have been put back in place, because these limestone monuments are really something to behold. Interesting side note, this formation is actually a karstic depression, which is basically means it’s a massive sinkhole. A massive and beautiful sinkhole, that is.

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#14. Lauca World Biosphere Reserve, Chile

This truly amazing reserve sits 10,000 feet above sea level and is home to broad ranges of plateau, archeological sites, and a host of animal species. Notably, there are vicuñas, which are super cool.

#13. Baalbek, Lebanon

This ancient settlement saw the rise and fall of both the Greek and Roman empires (the ruins are at least 2000 years old), and the site itself is more than 9000 years old. That’s really old.

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#12. Potala Palace, Tibet

If you can stomach the sordid history of Tibet in general, this is a can’t miss sight. It was even home to the Dalai Lama before the Tibetan Uprising.

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#11. Ayutthaya, Thailand

This city was built in the 1300s and served as the center of the royal court of Ayutthaya until the city was razed by the Burmese in the 18th century. What’s left are the ruins of the old city. Wondrous and haunting.

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