8. A Kind Neighbor

My neighbor who is 94 called me last week and said she is terminal and has about 4-8 weeks to live. Super nice lady I have always enjoyed talking to. She asked me to mow her front yard until she dies. I’m happy to help as long as it’s one less thing she has to worry about.

9. Losing a Friend

A friend of mine recently lost both of his parents within a few years of each other. He was their primary caregiver. He’s been struggling with his own health issues for quite some time and landed in the hospital this weekend. He’s been given 30 days to live. He’s not in a position to fulfill any bucket list items, but I think it would be a kind gesture to flood his final days with cards, flowers or other sentiments.

10. Live life fully.

Could be a year, could be 20, so I don’t really feel right here. Plus I don’t have a bucket list or goals, just gonna live however long I got then fade away.

Only thing I want is for people to not take life so seriously.

11. Day to Day

Cirrhosis, 28, Apparently have had two versions of Hep C for a very long time, Day to day and I’ve accepted and don’t let it bother me.

12. Climb to Another Mountaintop

I’ve probably got more than a year left in me, but with Stage IV colon cancer who knows. I’m actually in a chemo infusion right now. The only thing I honestly want is to spend every waking moment with my young children. The thought of them growing up without me, without knowing who I am, is probably the thing that weighs most heavy on my mind.

But as far as actionable list items, I need to climb a mountain again. I grew up near the Rockies and have backpacked and hiked all through the southern Rockies. I keep thinking about when I’m done with chemo seeing if I can’t bag a few of the simpler peaks nearish the Denver metro area. I’d like to start a group in Indianapolis with this or similar hikes/climbs in mind, but haven’t done so yet. I’ll look into starting this though.

13. Normal person

Man. Don’t follow these “year to live” from the doctors. My doctors told my parents I wouldn’t live to see age 5. I survived. I survived several countless times. I even died before.

I’ve experienced doctors predictions too often be wrong. Now. I just do what I enjoy and try to improve myself. If I go out, I will go out as someone I like at the very least. My heart has gotten considerably weaker in the last year. But, there’s nothing I can really do about that besides improve my fitness, to give myself a stronger chance.

My real bucket list is to get better. I want to experience life like a normal person.

14. Debt-free

I got sick and kept brushing it off. Ended up having congestive heart failure that I had ignored because I just thought I kept getting the crud getting passed around at work.

I was given a 50% chance to make it a year because my heart function was so low. I’ve made it farther so that’s great. But when it was really iffy the only thing I wanted to was pay off my car and all the medical debt I was getting because I didn’t want my family to have to deal with it. I was super close this year. I only had $5k left on my car and paid my medical stuff off leaving just a personal loan I had to take out when I missed a ton of work and some lady hit me on the highway on my way home and totalled my car so I’ve had to start over there.

It’s been a rough couple of years but if anything I’ve made it a lot longer than expected. I know people who had way fewer and less severe issues than me that didn’t make it. Being completely honest there’s nothing crazy on my bucket list that tanks higher than making sure all my stuff is taken care of so my dad won’t have to if something happens. Having my dad in the hospital room finding out about all my heart issues and the fact that they weren’t expecting great results was probably one of the worst days of my life. I was only 26 and my dad and grandparents had a really hard time with it.

15. A Jedi Knight

I’m 27. Systemic, metastasized, inoperable cancer of uncertain origin. Maybe a year left. Maybe a bit more depending on what treatments become available and work. Possibly less.

The only thing I really want (that I don’t have) is to be cryogenically frozen. But I don’t really expect any help or possibility of that because it’s prohibitively expensive, and selfish, and somewhat insane.

(I’d also like to be a movie star, or billionaire, or incredibly famous, or Jedi knight, if anyone could make any of those happen)

16. Friendship is golden.

My son, who is 21 has an inoperable glioma on his brain stem, he does not know how long he has. Due to his illnesses (he also has juvenile diabetes), he had to quit school a few years back and has no friends now. We live in middle Michigan, about an hour outside of Grand rapids, he is a big-time gamer.

But because his illnesses affect his socializing, and no driver’s license, he can’t get out with friends, and/or develop friendships. His schedule consists of at least weekly Doctor visits, that’s it. I don’t know what I’m actually asking, I just wish he had a person or two who would like to hang out, he’s funny, and acts more like a 16 year old. 🙂 I just wish my son had a friend in real life. That’s all.