Are you ready for a trip down the memory lane of Christmas past? If you were a girl child in the 90s, this trip is definitely for you, so buckle up and keep your hands and arms inside the car at all times, please. You can’t hold on to your past no matter how hard you try.

And no matter how badly you might still want some of these amazing treasures.

#20. Second best board game.

Photo Credit: Board Game Geek

#19. Because this was the first…

Photo Credit: Etsy

#18. The inspiration behind Sims, I’m pretty sure.

Photo Credit: Etsy

#17. Because you can always find him MORE.

Photo Credit: Ebay

#16. Because Debbie Gibson wore them.

Photo Credit: Imisstheoldschool

#15. Barbie Corvette…complete with car phone.

Photo Credit: Corvette Forum

#14. I hear these are coming back.

Photo Credit: Etsy

#13. And these are already here.

Photo Credit: Blogspot

#12. Because we liked to torture ourselves, apparently.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

#11. The best and original walkman.

Photo Credit: Caught Me Gaming

#10. Nickelodeon slime, because You Can’t Do That On Television.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#9. These were so worthless. Lol.

Photo Credit: The 90s Site

#8. Soooooo high tech.

Photo Credit: Throwbacks

#7. Caboodles were the dream.

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

#6. Lisa Frank was status.

Photo Credit: Etsy

#5. Even though you knew you couldn’t use them without busting your face.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

#4. The little handheld computer that started it all…

Photo Credit: Den of Geek

#3. As adults, we understand this is a living nightmare.

Photo Credit: Ebay

#2. Hypercolor shirts were a short-lived fad for a reason.

Photo Credit: Dyemurex

#1. Holiday Barbie, even though your mom was going to tell you to leave it in the box.

Photo Credit: Mattel


h/t: Buzzfeed

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