We’ve done a post on people who discovered photographic proof that their parents were super cool before they chucked it all to start a family, but these images of amazingly hip grandparents might be even better.

I mean, you can’t go wrong with vintage photos – and when you add in super cool subjects? Fogeddaboutit.

And if you’re interested in the stories behind the pics, check out the original reddit posts in the photo credits!

#20. Down with the patriarchy.

Photo Credit: Reddit/CallMeBlue

#19. The coolest part of this picture is definitely the book tucked into his pants.

Photo Credit: Reddit/schants

#18. Grandma working as a welder in WWII.

#17. Great pic of an even greater swan dive…

Photo Credit: Reddit/not_blinking

#16. Well if this isn’t the most adorable wedding photo in the world, I don’t know what is.

#15. Okay maybe not cooler, but definitely hotter.

Photo Credit: Reddit/jbob5059

#14. They wouldn’t let her join the Air Force, so she taught men how to fly. #gogirl

Photo Credit: Reddit/jsdip

#13. Pants AND a cig in the 1930s. Girlfriend didn’t take no shit from anyone.

Photo Credit: Reddit/bringdoughnuts

#12. Grandpa had some SERIOUS style.

Photo Credit: Reddit/CorporateSloth

#11. This looks like it was one heck of a date.

Photo Credit: Reddit/2g00d2btru3

#10. Giving Einstein violin lessons is definitely going to be hard to top.

Photo Credit: Reddit/TheTimeIsChow

#9. You could spend your whole life just trying to live up to that eyebrow quirk.

Photo Credit: Reddit/aking25

#8. When you steal a car from a Nazi, you take pictures with it.

Photo Credit: Reddit/ksm2721

#7. Love love this grandma who worked as an air traffic controller.

Photo Credit: Reddit/joycey11

#6. He seriously looks as if he’s about to offer that bear a beer.

#5. When your grandparents embrace crossdressing…in the front yard.

Photo Credit: Reddit/howdidyougetin

#4. An image of Gramps climbing out of his plane that was shot down in the sea. Like it’s nothing.

Photo Credit: Reddit/gettingthere52

#3. When your grandfather was a samurai who also held babies, well…share the photo.

Photo Credit: Reddit/diarrheathighs

#2. Anyone who makes friends with a wild fox is A-OK in my book.

Photo Credit: Reddit/TheKingStacker

#1. This Gramps was born to be in the FBI.

Photo Credit: Reddit/sw00n

h/t: Bored Panda

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