I LOVE HORROR MOVIES. Unapologetically. I love cheesy ones from the ’80s, I love masterpieces like The Shining, I love foreign ones, I love ones that fly under the radar.

Buzzfeed asked their Community what they think are underrated horror films that are often overlooked.

Here are 20 that you should check out ASAP, complete with comments from the Buzzfeed Community. Try not to get too creeped out watching these trailers…

1. Zombie (1979)

“This is a different kind of zombie movie that is not only crazy awesome with the effects, but gives you a chuckle every once in a while with how outlandish some of the dialogue is. It is truly a must-see for all of my zombiephiles out there.”

2. Sleepaway Camp (1983)

“This movie disturbed me on so many levels. The subject matter covered and some of the imagery they got away with 36 years ago is shocking by today’s standards.”

3. Hell House, LLC. (2015)

“This movie truly made me piss-in-my-pants level scared for the first time EVER. It’s a found-footage horror film about a small group of friends who find older houses/locations to host incredibly scary haunted houses in around the country. It has a really good mix of jump scares and suspense and kept me lying awake in bed for hours after watching it.”

4. The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

“It has a really good story that actually takes the time to develop while maintaining all the best elements of horror. I’ve seen it several times and people I have suggested it to agree with me.”

5. In the Mouth of Madness (1994)

“Truly the most underrated of John Carpenter’s films. This one completely freaked me and my husband out. I don’t want to give TOO much away, but let’s just say that it definitely does NOT have a feel-good ending.”

6. Dead Alive (1992)

“This is just a classic in the camp/gore genre. We can’t be friends unless you’ve at least given it a chance!”

Also, Peter Jackson of The Lords of the Rings fame directed this splatterfest.

7. Resolution (2012)

“This one does Cabin in the Woods better than Cabin in the Woods. It has a lot of fun with the horror genre without ever going over-the-top. It’s a great film in general and I often tell people it’s the best horror movie post-2000.”

8. Macabre (2009)

“If you haven’t seen this Indonesian horror/thriller, then you need to jump on Amazon and buy it ASAP. What starts off as a simple “finding a stranger in distress while driving” story quickly leads to the most excellent game of cat-and-mouse I’ve seen on-screen in a very long time.”

9. Found (2012)

“A 12-year-old boy finds out his horror-film obsessed teenage brother has a human head in his closet. I don’t want to spoil anything past that, but it is disturbing and unexpected from beginning to end.”

10. High Tension (2003)

“I’ve never been more disturbed in the first 15 minutes of a movie than when I first watched this one. It’s highly suspenseful and incredibly violent. A well done movie, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch it again.”

11. Mirrors (2008)

“I worked myself up to a near heart attack each time I got in the shower for at least a week (probably two) after seeing this movie. Seriously, the first time I showered after I saw this, I was so freaked out that I actually whimpered when I thought I saw something move from the corner of my eye. I was 25 at the time.”

12. Under the Skin (2013)

“This is an unsettling, beautifully-shot film starring Scarlett Johansson, in what I personally think is her best role to date. It’s about an alien seductress…and I’ll leave it at that. DO NOT look up spoilers or trailers, just watch it — if you can make it through to the end.”

13. Ghost Story (1981)

“I think this one’s underrated just because it’s largely been forgotten. Spoilers, but there’s a scene where they try to cover up the woman’s accidental death by pushing her car into the water, but she starts moving at the last minute before the car goes under and they realize they’ve murdered her…I saw that scene when I was a young kid and it burned into my memory. That was more disturbing to me than any jump scare.”

14. The Houses October Built (2014)

“It’s about this group of people making a documentary to find the most intense haunted house. It’s a little slow to start but, once stuff starts happening, it hits the fan full-force. For a while I forgot I was even watching a horror movie until it kicked in, and I think that made it even better because it catches you unaware.”

15. Creep (2014)

“This movie kept getting recommended to me on Netflix forever before I finally gave in and watched it. At just over an hour long, it’s so simple and only has two actors. It has a great sense of timing, making things really suspenseful. It was the first movie in a while that made me want to sleep with the lights on.”

16. Thirst (2009)

“It’s an absolutely amazing Korean horror film by the same director who made Oldboy about a priest-turned-vampire and his love interest. It’s so visually stunning and has a great plot.”

17. The Changeling (1980)

“My mom and I used to watch horror movies together all the time when I was a kid, and this one has stuck with me the most. It doesn’t rely on gratuitous gore. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to!”

18. Stir of Echoes (1999)

“This was filmed in Chicago and I lived a block down from the house. I would absolutely dread passing it!”

19. Paperhouse (1988)

“It’s about a little girl who has nightmares about a house that she draws. Reality and fantasy begin mixing together, and her alcoholic dad is also a part of it. It’s spooky and weird and was made by the same director as the classic Candyman!”

20. The Forest (2016)

“I’ve seen many horror movies and this is probably one of the best I’ve seen so far. It’s generally terrifying, and it messes with your head.”

Happy watching! And remember…DON’T GO IN THERE!