9. Chocolate Hands

I knew of a kid that would shit her pants and then stuff both hands down her pants, then pull them out, and show off her poop on her hands. Her mother would laugh it off and said they nicknamed her “chocolate hands.” I think she was just humiliated by her nasty little kid that she made. Or if she really thinks it’s funny then she in fact is a trashy parent.

10. Roar

Screaming parents

11. Bitter are we?

Not being able (or willing?) to discipline your own children because you are lazy, entitled “help me, I’m an irresponsible single mom,” and don’t care, so they’re out of control and inconveniencing others, and having loud sex, at 1 in the morning with the children present in the tiny apartment (sleeping but still, c’mon.)
Source: My upstairs neighbor.

12. Big no no

Using their phones while ignoring their kid being a brat

13. NO, BAD

Exchange I once witnessed on the bus between a 4-5 year old and her mom:
Kid: mom, I’m thirsty!
Mom: there have some coke
Kid: no, I want water
Mom: what?! Why? Coke is much better, why would you want water?

14. Also, healthy

Cheetos for breakfast fed to a 5 year old. I know a parent like this. Also Oreo Bites and Taco Bell for dinner.

15. Baby, it’s cold outside

Not putting a jacket on your child when 1. It’s cold outside 2. You’re wearing a jacket and 3. Your kid is saying “I’m cold”

16. Exposed

My time to shine. I have way too much experience on this topic. Smoking inside around your kids. Smoking weed around your kids. Accidentally dropping pills in the house with small children. Being addicted to pills. Moving in junkie friends who have been arrested for prostitution. Yelling “that person can go suck a dick!” Infront of your kids. Feeding kids fast food ALL THE TIME. Not brushing hair. Getting food stamps and child support only to blow it on drugs. And also…….memaw