17. Lung cancer in the making

Letting your kids smoke your cigarettes.

18. Obesity

half a dozen fat kids

19. On a pedestal

Treating everyone like shit except their own kids and putting their kids on a pedestal. It’s weird and something that a lot of asshole parents don’t really think about. It teaches their kids to be selfish, manipulative assholes when they grow up, and they’ll never grow out of it.

20. Littering

Kids with those ‘rat-tail’ haircuts, or kids that throw trash on the street.

21. Be “Uneake”

Alternative spelling of what should be a straightforward name.

22. Diaper baby

A few years ago a friend of mine saw another friend that we both knew but weren’t super close with at the grocery store. She apparently had her son with her who was maybe 8 months old at the time, and was dressed only in a diaper. At the time I was like, that’s pretty strange but didn’t think much of it. Now that I have a baby myself, the thought of taking her out of the house without wearing any clothes (esp in a grocery store which can be very chilly) screams “bad parent” to me

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