22 Pictures That Might Make You Say “Wait Whaaaaaat…”

1. Why was this the first joke I learned?

Photo Credit: Twitter: Nickksun

2. That’s… that’s it?

3. The ultimate “slang.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

4. Australia knows there are two types of people in the world.

Photo Credit: Buzzhunt

5. This just turned my brain upside down.

Photo Credit: Instagram

6. Dammit!

Photo Credit: Twitter: OGBEARD

7. There is such a thing as “too subtle.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

8. Amen to that last one.

Photo Credit: Twitter: Memesupply

9. Step up your dinner party game.

Photo Credit: Twitter: TheVFCastro

10. My brain is so confused.

Photo Credit: Twitter: Samidot

11. Instant impression.

12. There was still enough room for both of them…

Photo Credit: Twitter: 1989fake

13. They’re the same song!

Photo Credit: YouTube: Bmusproject

14. OK on its side looks like a little dude.

Photo Credit: Cantbeunseen

15. You can hear Pac-Man whenever you want.

Photo Credit: YouTube: Tommy S

16. I’ve been doing this wrong my whole life.

Photo Credit: Twitter: Timque

17. Didn’t know you were a musician, huh?

18.3.14 backwards is literally “PIE.”

Photo Credit: TheMetaPicture

19. No… no… I refuse to believe it.

20. This one might still be a mystery.

Photo Credit: Twitter: Robmhan

21. Whoa.

Photo Credit: Twitter: 1BigNightOut

22. *brain explodes*

Photo Credit: Twitter: Nizaaaamhere