Pets. Whether you have one or not, we all agree they can be pretty darn cute. They can also be extremely creepy and do weird, unexplainable things. These AskReddit users give us a glimpse into some of the weirdest moments they have experienced with their animals.

1. Nightmare

I once woke up in the middle of the night and saw a large black figure standing over me. I was freaked out and yelled at it, only to see the shape of ears perk up on this figure and it jumped up onto my bed. Turns out to be my dog, who had been standing on the ground with his paws on the bed, standing over me and watching me sleep.

2. Psycho Cat

My grandmother had a psycho cat that hated me. One day this cat jumped up on a shelf that contained picture frames of each of my cousins. That cat looked me in the eye as it batted my picture off the shelf but left the other ones in place. She then jumped down and walked away, watching me as she passed.

3. Afraid of his image

Used to have a dog that would occasionally freeze in front of door frames. He would also bark at nothing.

4. Blind Dog

I have a blind doberman that does something my wife and I refer to as “chutter”. Now he has one semi-formed eye, but the other one just never came in. There is a flesh patch where his left eye should be. Every now and again when he smells something he really, really likes, he’ll chutter.

This is when he exhales like a serial killer and clicks his front teeth together quickly and pulls his front lips back. He’ll do this after smelling used tampons in the trash, sniffing your crotch, or in the middle of the night when you are most vulnerable. It’s unsettling.

5. The crawl

My dog crawls around the perimeter of the room on her belly. She does this while maintaining constant eye contact.

6. Don’t mock Chester

This squirrel used to mock my cat Chester.

He would do this for many months just outside the window, on a low hanging tree branch. This squirrel would chatter and snicker at the cat and snap its tail.

Well Chester was patient.

He waited for his opportunity to attack and finally one summer day I get home from work and there’s the squirrel — brutally eviscerated and left on our porch with its head hanging from a wire-like muscle in its neck or shoulder.

My cat was waiting patiently to be let in, licking his paws and purring over this massive squirrel corpse.

When I was cleaning the carcass up off the porch I realized that the cat had eaten its privates… ripped a huge hole in the animal right between its hind quarters.

Later that year Chester got out again and never returned, presumably to hunt down every last squirrel in our neighborhood, for the rest of his life. Up until the fall months he would still bring carcasses and drop them on our porch but I never saw him waiting to get in and when the snow started flying the carcasses stopped showing up.

We looked everywhere for him. Put up many a flyer and tried desperately to get him to come home but I guess he met his doom somewhere in the nearby forest.