When you plan a trip, you always ask others for their advice, especially when they have traveled where we are headed. Where to eat, cool things to see, places to avoid, you know, the normal questions. It’s just a thing people do to make sure they have a good time.

These AskReddit users shared their awful experiences in some normal and some totally weird places – places that they regret going even once.

One thing I think we can all agree on? Airports basically suck.

1. No memory

I was on a cruise. My significant other and I got in some sort of a fight one night, something so stupid I don’t even remember. So I went to the casino. And that’s all I remember, leaving for the casino. Next thing I knew I was waking up in a bed in a room I’d never been in before and these two dudes were standing there laughing at me.

I ran out of the room and found mine. I tried contacting the medical team to get a kit done, they said not to waste their time. I tried notifying the cruise of what happened, they also said not to waste their time. So I was terrified and trapped on this cruise with my possible rapists and the cruise didn’t care at all.

Never again.

2. Bus tour

On a bus tour. It was the most frustrating travel experience of my life. Want to see something? Too bad, get back on the bus. Done seeing something? Too bad, wait on the bus.

3. Dubai

Dubai. Long story short, I ended up unexpectedly spending eight days there. Never been to a more vacuous, culture-deficient place. All it has is shopping and vast inequality and oppression of the poor. Oh, and it’s hotter and sweatier than hades.

4. Atlanta

Greyhound bus station in Atlanta. I have never seen such an array of terrifying things happen in one small space. That place is a nightmare.

5. Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Incredibly overcrowded.

Human waste in the middle of the streets.

Stray dogs and cats everywhere.

No wi-fi.

Also, now there are so many tourists it is no longer ‘cheap’ – what was once the only redeeming factor.

The rest of Cuba is beautiful though.

6. Charges accepted

You know why they charge you $20 to leave the Manilla airport?

Because they don’t know you’d pay $50.

7. Bali

Kuta Beach, Bali. Had such high expectations but there was just trash everywhere.

I didn’t have high expectations for Kuta specifically but Bali in general. I was also around 15 at the time so was not involved with the researching at all as my parents planned and paid for it. I had only heard about Bali from people/TV shows/magazines/social media and from there it seemed like paradise.

8. Gary, Indiana

Apparently, Gary, Indiana is worth a thread all to itself regarding armpits to live in. I drove through once and was instantly sad. Will hopefully never return.