Reddit users were asked to share their stories of brave kiddos they have witnessed. Some of these stories are sad, some are inspiring, and some remind me kids are just plain awesome sometimes.

1. Sucka!

When I was 5 or 6ish, my cousins and I are maybe half a block away from my house, holding signs up about a garage sale we were having. Some dude in a white van pulls up and offers us candy.

We run back home screaming, but my one cousin, in the boldest move 5-year-old me ever saw, snatched a sucker out of this dude’s hand before he started running.

I thought he was gonna get kidnapped.

2. Safety first

Every time there’s an Amber Alert where I live, one of the neighborhood boys sits outside his house with a hammer (for self defense I assume) and one of his parents’ cell phones. He checks every car that comes by to see if it matches the one in the Amber Alert. I definitely feel safe with him in the neighborhood.

3. Lean in

When my son was 12, he got in between a bully and his victim and started mocking him. He dared the kid to throw a punch, and when he did, my son lowered his forehead into the punch. Then he did it again with the same result.

I got a call from school before he got home giving me all the details. After getting off the bus, he went through his normal routine and said nothing. After an hour or so, I asked him why he didn’t defend himself. I sparred with him regularly and this bully shouldn’t have landed the first punch much less the second.

He told me he knew he would get suspended for fighting, so he just took the punches where it would hurt the bully more than him. I have never been prouder of his compassion, courage, and intelligence.

4. So young

I saw a 6-year-old with stage four cancer telling his sobbing parents that it was gonna be okay and they’d carry on after he died. That one messed me up for a long time. So young and so wise. And then he was just gone.

5. No hesitation

This isn’t going to be as heroic as some of the other stuff on here, but when I was a kid I fell into the deep part of a local river. (I couldn’t swim.) My friend, without a moment of hesitation, grabbed onto the root of a tree, got halfway into the water, grabbed my arm, and pulled me out. Without her I might have died.

6. You should be

I didn’t witness this, but my son’s teacher told us. One kid was bullying another kid who is autistic. My 9-year-old son got up from his desk, crossed the room, yelled at the bully, and forced him to apologize to the autistic kid. My proudest moment as a parent so far.

7. Whoa

My nephew has two moms. He is five but since he the age of three he knew the term “homophobic”.

His mom gets harassed sometimes for raising him. Sometimes in front of him.

But no matter who the person is, my nephew gives them a hug. It doesn’t matter how big and scary the person is, my nephew will give them a hug.

He tells his parents and his uncles that angry people just need to feel loved again.