#5. BDSM Sure Can Work Up An Appetite


“I once delivered to an apartment where two people in bath robes answered the door, I could see their bondage equipment and garments under their robes.”

#6. Are You Hitting on Me, or Am I Your Next Murder Victim?

“I was delivering 2 large pizzas to an apartment building one night. The recipient was waiting for me in the lobby. He was staggeringly drunk. Throughout the exchange he was vehemently trying to get me to come back up to his unit with him. I am not sure if he was gay or wanted to kill me and wear my skin, either way I refused. It took way longer than it should have to deliver 2 pizzas and when he finally got to paying, he just handed me $100 bill for the $30 order. He insisted I keep the change and may have winked at me as he said it. I am not positive on the wink though as he was so drunk his eyes were not totally coordinated.”

#7. …It Was One of the Most Terrifying Moments of My Life.

“Not so much awkward as scary but whatever. I’m a girl and when I was delivering pizzas I was around 18-19, pretty scrawny looking thing. Anyways, I had a big delivery to a guys party in his apartment. The apartment was on the top floor so after hauling about 10 pizzas up three flights of stairs I looked considerably frazzled. The guy opens the door and there’s about 15 men in the apartment and he says I should come in and put them down on the table. Now, I know better than to just enter people’s houses but this table was right near the door and there was no way I was going to be able to take the cash with three pizza bags draped over my arms so I take one step towards the table and hear the door slam shut behind me. He locks the door and says, ‘we got one’ and all these guys start snickering and although it turned out to be a joke (albeit, not a funny one) it was one of the most terrifying moments in my life.”

Photo Credit: brianorndorf.com

Photo Credit: brianorndorf.com

#8. Felon’s Gotta Eat

“I occasionally had to deliver to a motel 6. As I pulled in there were cop cars everywhere. Fuck me, don’t be the person who ordered pizza. Don’t be the person who ordered pizza. Fuck me it’s definitely the guy. We locked eyes. He was in cuffs, turns around says something to the cop. The cop grabs money off the dresser, I give him the pizza. Decent tip.”