8. “An unpleasant name”

It’s very rare to read a will out loud. That’s mostly in the movies. Normally I just make extra copies and pass them out to whoever in the family wants to read it.

Though the most unusual thing in a will I saw was man leaving a good chunk of money for his mistress that his wife knew nothing about. It was interesting to see sadness and anger fighting to win in the wife. She finally laughed while calling him an unpleasant name.

9. Rude

A friend of mine was adopted at birth. When her mom died, the will gave half the estate to her ‘two natural daughters’. My friend got nothing.

What the heck.

10. Mr. Bobo

I was working as a legal secretary and had to leave someone’s cats to various people (fine) but I also had to leave money in the cats’ name to various organizations. One of them was named Mr. Bobo. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

11. No idea

A woman came in after her mother’s funeral with some correspondence from the company I work for (insurance). She was worried there was a bill she needed to pay and was coming to tell us her mom had died. She just looked SO tired, and we got to talking while I looked up the policy to close it out. She shared that in the last few years her mom had slipped into dementia and she singlehandedly took care of her…how she missed her but just was run ragged and she hadn’t taken a vacation in forever. I realized what she had was not a health policy, it was a life insurance policy naming the daughter as the beneficiary for about 50K. I told her and she just started crying..it made me cry and I got up and hugged her and sort of just held her while she cried. She pulled away and said…”I have no idea what she left that for, everything’s been paid for.” I said, “This might be her telling you to go on that vacation and relax.” It was so touching, and she had no idea that the policy existed.

12. She had it coming

My great grandmother left her daughter “just one dollar and not a single penny more so help me God.” This was before I was born, but my grandmother (not the daughter with the dollar) said that when they all read the will her sister had a full blown temper tantrum and no one heard from her since. I guess she had it coming.

13. Awkward

In my trusts & estates class in law school, we read a case about a man who left everything to his wife, but only if she got his body stuffed and left it on the living room couch forever.

Luckily for her, the court invalidated that part of the husband’s will. IIRC, part of the reasoning was that it would make it impossible for her to date/remarry if she had her husband’s creepy dead body glaring at anyone who came to see her.

14. Jokes on you

My grandfather hated his neighbor. They lived next to each other for 20+ years. I remember well my grandfather raging at every opportunity about this guy. We never saw them speak to each other.

In Grandpa’s will, he left the guy $10k, a car and golf clubs. We were dumbstruck.

Turns out they were good buddies from the Army. When they coincidently bought homes next to each other they decided to play a long scam with both their families. They actually played golf together 2-3 times per week and had a monthly poker game for years.

15. Liquidation

When my dad’s mother died, her will stipulated that everything was to be liquidated and the money distributed equally among her children and grandchildren. Fine, but literally everything had to be sold. There were family heirlooms, jewelry, things my grandfather (a carpenter) had made. So many sentimental family things that my father and his siblings badly wanted, but it all had to be sold. They all went to the auction to try to buy some of the more sentimental items but weren’t always successful. It was heartbreaking and I’m not sure what made my grandmother think it would be a good idea. Nobody wanted the money, they wanted her wedding ring and the clocks my grandfather had made and all that.