Death can seem like a pretty scary thing, especially when you are young and feel like you have lots of life left. But as people grow older, they say that it becomes less terrifying and more just “I’m ready to go.”

Reddit asked some of their medical users what some of their patients last words are. Some are touching, some are heart breaking, and some are just downright funny. Take a peek.

1. Dad joke

Not his last words, but his last dad joke:

My father’s doctor: I’m afraid you’ll die soon.

My father: Oh I can live with that.

2. Happy Thanksgiving

The last words I ever heard my dad speak were on the phone, Thanksgiving night. As we were about to hang up he stopped me and took a really long pause before telling me he loved me. He started crying as he was saying it, apologizing for not being able to be with me on Thanksgiving (he lived far away) and he told me to hug my mother for him.

The next morning he died of a heart attack in his sleep. Sometimes I wonder if he knew he was going to die somehow.

3. Scared the life out of her more like it

My grandmother’s last words, spoken as a nurse was checking on her and accidentally woke her up was, “GOOD GOD, YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!” She went back to sleep and never woke up. Passed about a week later.

4. Damn

I’ve been a fireman for a long time. I don’t remember many last words but I remember eyes.

5. So relieved

I’m not a doctor, but a nurse and I’ve worked with the elderly for quite some time now.

Most have been silent in their last moments. One old man sighed out a “Finally” and went on. He just looked so relieved to finally die.

One lady with severe dementia kinda had no idea what was going on. She was pretty out of it, and her last words were that she missed her mommy and that she hoped mom would bake bread, because she was hungry.

Another lady was absolutely terrified and I tried my best to calm her down. It’s heartbreaking, you can’t really do anything with their fear other than calm them as best as you can. The lady asked me “Will everything be okay?”, and I told her that, yeah, everything would be fine. The kids were fine, and everything was fine, and her flowers were watered. She didn’t say anything after that and passed on an hour later.

6. Never ending war

I was a medic in the army. Did my time in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was lucky enough to never lose a patient that didn’t come to me already dead. One time we got a woman and young boy hauling the husband and father to us to save him. He was beyond gone and I was so desensitized to it the injuries didn’t bother me, but what freaked me out was that it didn’t seem to matter to them. They were used to that life and just wanted their family member back. I told them there was nothing I could do. The mother told her son “at least this war ended for one of us” and they carried him back home. It wasn’t his last words, but damn that hit me hard.

7. Got a lot of living to do

My daughter, a nurse said the ones who are ready to go are the easiest, she holds their hands and lets them know they aren’t alone.

The hardest ones are the fighters, one man, in his 70’s, kept saying “NO, NOPE, I’m not ready to go I have a lot of living to do still.” When he died later that day, she cried, and one of the nurses said, “maybe you should rethink your career if you are going to cry.”

The head nurse told her, “No honey, if there ever comes a time, you don’t cry? Well that’s when you need to stop being a nurse.”

8. Ha!

“Whatever you do kid, don’t get old… Or married”.

Coolest patient I ever had.