Parents can definitely be embarrassing. It sort of goes with the territory. There’s embarrassing, though, and embarrassing.

These 24 AskReddit parents may just take the cake. Check out how they made their kids utterly ashamed of them, below.

1. Jumping to Conclusions

When I was 16 I wasn’t very active during the summer holidays, slept a lot, generally looked like shit and didn’t feel like doing anything. This worried my mom as I usually had been a very active kid/teenager. So she jumped to the conclusion I must be using drugs. She searched my room, didn’t find drugs but did find my pornstash (that was another fun talk).
When the random searches didn’t work out she started interrogating me. I told her I didn’t use drugs, didn’t even smoke and to leave me the little bit of privacy I still had at that point. This went on for a good month: her accusing me, me denying and her frantically trying to prove she was right.
About two weeks before school started again I met one of my friends from football. Now if I say friends I mean I got along with him but would never invite him to my home or anything. Nice kid but that was about it. He told me that he had this weird call from my mom asking if I was using drugs. I found out she randomly called about 7-8 people, none of them my close friends because she figured they would lie, and asked if I used drugs. So now the whole village was talking about me behind my back as if I was an addict. To say the situation was boiling over at this point is an understatement. I came home, got into a huge fight with my mom and, as a result of him sticking up for her, my dad and didn’t speak to both of them till school started again.
First day of school I get sent home because I have a high fever and a throat infection. Went to the doctor who when he hears all the other symptoms decides to take some blood and it turned out I had a serious case of Mono.
My mom never even apologised for her accusations/actions.

2. Ashamed

We were a poor family when I was a kid. Single mom situation.
She’d make either my sister or me to go in and pay for gas with like 2 bucks or give us a food stamp and a list and have us buy the food.

3. Called Out

My family would always go camping with my mom’s best friend and her family. They had two boys around the same age as my brothers and I (but closer to my brothers…I was the oldest), so we always had a blast together. One time, when I was about 13 my mom’s friend brought her sister and nieces with her to the campout. The youngest niece was 15, and she was fucking beautiful. I immediately clammed up and refused to play with the rest if the boys for fear of looking immature around her. Later that night, as everyone is sitting around the campfire, I began to worry about having B.O. around her, so I decided I would go to the showerhouse down the road, and take a shower. When I told my dad this, he loudly (and for some reason angrily) said, “No! You only want to take a shower because she’s here!” while pointing directly at her. I had never felt more embarrassed and I just ran down to the lake to get away from everyone who was staring at me.
I guess I could say it all worked out in the end, because after I had been sitting down by the lake for a while, the girl came to talk to me. She told me she was sorry and gave me my first kiss….out of pity.

4. Not the Same

Probably not a big deal for most people, but I’m a northern Canadian and my parents are immigrants. So I played hockey as a kid of course and asked for hockey tape and my mom said just use duct tape, it’ll be fine. So I did, everyone laughed at me.

5. Quite the Character

The three oldest kids in our family all went to college far away from where my parents lived. So, we would always be flying home at Christmas and summer vacation. My parents would dress up in various costuming and meet us at the airport. Obviously this was before 9/11 when you could meet people at the gates. They showed up in formal wear, God awful clothes from the seventies, biker leather and chains, and would even go so far as to do wigs. My dad has always had a crew cut (and now it’s very sparse)but he would always wear an afro wig. It was embarrassing, but also pretty hilarious. One time my sister complained about old men with hair sticking out of their ears. So before my parents met her at the airport one time, Dad went to Walgreens and bought fake eyelashes, rolled them up and stuck them in his ears.