I love grammar, and words, and any and all combination of the two things. Then again, I’m a writer by trade and I’ve been a reader my entire life, so maybe I never had a choice.

Either way, I adore the jokes posted below. If you have a love for the English language and a healthy sense of humor, you’re going to, also.

#25. Posts like this are why the internet was invented. #fact

#24. Heart eyes.

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#23. It would be even funnier if the poster understood the difference between lay and lie. But to be fair, that’s a hard one.

#22. Not sure why, but it seems the order of events is very important to her.

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#21. It is a war we will be fighting until the end of time. Onward!

Image Credit: Imgur

Photo Credit: Imgur


#20. Stay in school, kids.

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#19. Backseat drivers, amirite?

Image Credit: Brainless Tales

Photo Credit: Brainless Tales

#18. #NotAllOwls

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#17. No caption necessary.

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#16. The exclamation point really makes the post.

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