13. I suppose that’s sort of like swiping?

Photo Credit: Twitter

12. You know what this is, ’90s kids.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

11. Okay, even I only saw 1 of these. #guesswhich

Photo Credit: Imgflip

10. Why DID we love that day in gym so much?

Photo Credit: Tumblr

9. Those posters are everything.

Photo Credit: Instagram

8. First television show that made me cry – when Zack and Kelly broke up at the prom. *tears*

Photo Credit: Twitter

7. Laughing because of how true this is.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

6. *whispers* The horror….

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

5. I think I’m technically still trying to get out of my BMG contract.

Photo Credit: WowAmazing

4. The longer the cord, the better you could hide.

Photo Credit: WowAmazing

3. Animation has come a lonnnngggggg way, my friends.

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2. IDK I’m just staring at the photo of Devon Sawa. *swoon*

Photo Credit: Imgur

1. I spent so many hours with my finger on the ‘record’ button waiting for a good song to come on the radio.

Photo Credit: WowAmazing

h/t: Buzzfeed

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