Kids say the darnedest things. And most of the time their logic, while sound, can be quite hilarious. These AskReddit users share their best stories of times when children made absolutely no sense…and yet made all the sense in the world.

Photo Credit: Best HD Wallpapers

Photo Credit: Best HD Wallpapers

1. You Mean You Don’t?!

“The kid I babysit thinks I pay his mom to let me hang out with him (he’s 5).”

2. Makes Sense To Me…

“I had a student from Jamaica tell me that marathoners are from Africa because they have lots of land for running, and sprinters are from Jamaica because they have only a little land for running.”

3. Covering His Bases

“A child comes into my work dressed head to toe in army fatigues. His name is Jimmy.

Me: Do you want to be a soldier when you grow up? 

Jimmy: No. 

Me: You’ve got a lot of camouflage on for someone who doesn’t want to join the army.

Jimmy: I just don’t want to die”

4. Quick Thinking, Kid

“First grader didn’t do his homework assignment (coloring in a big bubble letter).

Teacher: Why didn’t you do this?

Kid: My sister was using the colored pencil.

Teacher: You could have just asked her to borrow it.

5 second pause

Kid: No, she took it and went to Antarctica.

Teacher: Nobody lives there.

Kid: …

Teacher: …

Kid: She does. She lives there now.”

5. Duh

“One year for St. Patrick’s Day, my 8-year-old sister made a leprechaun trap. We asked, “So what are you gonna do with the leprechaun when you catch it?”

“We’re gonna catch it, and ask it hard questions.””