Being a parent is hard. Add in the terrible twos, or even the terrific threes, and sometimes it can be just down right hilarious. These moms know exactly what I am talking about.

Check out these silly reasons some toddlers threw temper tantrums. It might very well inspire you to ask your mom what the silliest reason you threw a tantrum was.


…I wouldn’t buy her a cheeseburger for breakfast. And it was like a full blown 20 minute fit.


His brother was looking at him


I wouldn’t let him blow his nose with a Clorox wipe.


I wouldn’t let him go to the grocery store with the neighbors. He hates the grocery store.


I wouldn’t let her play with sharp objects.


I wouldn’t let her unroll the entire toilet paper roll, half of it just wasn’t good enough


She could feel her underwear line through her leggings. 🙄🙄 she’s THREE.


He wanted to “knock on my door” (knock knock jokes) and his brother wouldn’t stop knocking on my door first.


I had the audacity to ask my son to wear shoes.