Some jobs are better than others, and some have more secrets than others. Check out these AskReddit users who shared secrets, some dirty and some not-so-dirty, about their industries and employers. They may just surprise you…

1. Sex Toys

Most cheap sex toys are made out of unstable materials (TPE, TPR) that may leech chemicals into your body and may over time start to melt, especially if stored with other toys. These material can also be Porous and a perfect home for bacteria, so black spots might grow on your dildo.

2. Valet Driving

Valet driver here, don’t leave your drugs in the car. A kid took a pound out of a customer’s car a few years back and the dude came back FLIPPIN’ out screaming at the manager. When the manager finally asked what was stolen and he told him weed, my manager just said “Oh. Well you can file a police report then”

3. Rental Cars

General manager of a rental car company here.

Do not, under any circumstances, buy additional roadside assistance or premium roadside assistance.

Essentially every new car comes with 5 years of free roadside assistance from the manufacturer. As long as you weren’t off roading, just give the manufacturer’s RSA hotline the VIN and mileage and you are good to go.

4. Phone Company

A certain telephone company with a blue globe logo doesn’t actually have a billing department. You are always routed to Sales. The job is not to fix your billing problem, it’s to upsell you. If you have a legit billing problem, you will be transferred because the rep doesn’t want to deal with anyone that isn’t a sale. Every time you’re transferred, it’s actually to the same department, just a different sales rep. Billing managers are really just Sales Managers.

5. Locksmith

Live in an apartment building? Does your Superintendent have a Master key for the apartment doors? Then forget about thinking you are safe and secure behind your locked door.

If at any time, a Master key has gone missing, the ONLY way to secure the building is to rekey every lock in the place. And nobody ever wants to absorb that expense. This means that the keying chart for your building has been in use since the building was constructed.

You can remove the deadbolt from a door, and with some very basic knowledge, disassemble the cylinder, and calculate the shear lines where the apartment key and the Master key operate. By deducing the cuts on the apartment key, you can easily calculate the cuts for the Master key. Take these calculations to a locksmith, and in minutes you can have a Master key that will open every door in your building.

If you live in a high-rise, don’t trust the deadbolt to keep you secure. Replace the lock with a high security deadbolt such as a Medeco, and give the building management a copy of your key in case of emergency.