9. Good perspective on other people

“No one ever got up in the morning hoping to make a bad decision.”

It’s something that my dad used to say that really stuck with me for some reason. I find myself reminded of it whenever I’m about to judge someone for doing something stupid, and it helps me make an effort to understand why people make the decisions they do.

10. Actions

“Nobody cares what you were thinking; they care what you did.”

11. So enjoy it

Every time I get edgy, stressed and too serious I always remember this “You’re not here to live forever, you’re here to enjoy the ride.”

12. This one makes you think

Two things from my father: “When you sit down for supper ask yourself: did I earn this meal today?”

“Even if your job is to just sweep the room, do it like you are going to be paid million dollars for it; you can hate your job, but love your work.”

13. Yelling never helped anybody

“Yelling doesn’t make anyone want to listen to your argument, even when you’re right. Especially if you’re right. Any jerk can raise their voice. It takes practice, but good leadership comes from a steady head on steady shoulders. Don’t let your anger betray your good sense of reason.”

– My brother

14. Keep quiet

To be prepared to admit when you’re wrong, even to people you might think are less intelligent.

That sometimes you need to just keep quiet. Sometimes things are more trouble than they’re worth.

Everyone has a different way of looking at things, they will think they’re right/justified in the same way you will think you are right in an argument.

Accept this and be a better person, don’t get drawn into a pointless fight.

15. Don’t fall for the trap

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

It has kept me from falling into the trap of, “This is wrong, but everyone else is doing it, and if I don’t, I’ll fall behind.”

No, screw that. Change starts with you. Maybe you won’t see any effect, but I guarantee that someone will see this act of moral courage and become inspired by it, and that makes the hardship worth it.

16. Time is precious

Don’t waste someone’s time, it’s the only thing in this world you can never repay.

17. No bullies allowed

My dad told me to be as nice to people as they let you be. I try to be nice to people even when I don’t particularly care for them. However, I won’t allow myself to be bullied or taken advantage of. This modified Golden Rule is advice that has served me well.

18. Worth the Wait

Don’t wish your life away.

My parents always emphasized that waiting for the things you wanted always made you appreciate them more, and that wishing your life away (wishing it was the weekend, the holidays, that your birthday would come around faster, etc) is a waste of precious time.