There are hidden gems around us everyday, all the time. Check out these 35 observations AskReddit users shared showing just how cool, fun, and interesting stuff is hidden right beneath our very noses!

1. It’s true

You aren’t extraordinary. You’re extra ordinary.

2. Seriously?

The logos for Grand Theft Auto and The Price is Right use the same font.

3. What!?!

In the Wizard of Oz, after Dorothy is taken away by the monkeys, the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tinman are in the woods. It is revealed that the Scarecrow actually has a revolver in his hand.

4. Listen up

There’s an extra piano chord in the intro to ‘Roxanne’ by the Police. It’s apparently there because Sting sat on the piano by mistake – you can hear a laugh immediately after the chord, too.

5. Yeahhhhh

How leotard and leopard are pronounced very differently.

6. Dumb

Sword fights in movies. 90% of the time, their swings wouldn’t hit them. They either aim to the side, or are way too far apart.

7. Thanks

The next time you watch Family Guy, take a close look at the characters. Anytime a character isn’t talking they just stand there motionless. I guess it’s Fox’s way of keeping the animation costs down but once you know it you’ll never un see it, sorry.

8. No it doesn’t

Nowhere in Humpty Dumpty does it say he’s an egg.

9. Ugh.

That Blink 182’s “Take off your pants and jacket” was a pun…. Jack it…

10. Blown

ELO didn’t get their name by being an orchestra of electric lights, but by being a light orchestra of electric instruments. Totally blew my mind.

11. Lazy designers

The bushes and clouds in Mario are the same sprite just colored differently.