We know all families are different. We all make up different traditions and different households. But there are just some people who are plain WEIRD. Take a look at these 37 people who visited a friends home only to find something quite shocking and out of the ordinary. Apparently, flushing the toilet is less common than I thought.

1. Well then

When I was a kid, a friend and I found a full KKK outfit (hood and robes) in her grandpas closet. She didn’t think it was a big deal.


Friends mom had a picture of a sun on her wall. If you looked up close at it the picture it was a collage of a bunch of penises cut out from porno magazines in the shape of a sun.

3. Gross.

At a friend’s house, the family would toss a spaghetti noodle at the wall to see if the pasta was done cooking. Apparently if it sticks to the wall, it’s done. But they don’t remove the spaghetti noodles so there’s just a crap ton of old pasta sticking to the wall.

4. Or…

A few years ago a kind of weird situation ended in me helping a guy down the street move into the house next door to mine.

While we were there, he pulled out a coffin. Like, who casually keeps a coffin in their garage?

Obviously this is strange, but he went on to tell me that he’s had people get out of his house when they see it thinking he’s into some weird stuff. Turns out he just knows a guy who makes coffins, and it’s pretty comfortable to sleep in.

Or he’s a vampire.

5. Seems lazy

My girlfriend’s dad leaves the leashes attached to their dogs while in the house. The first time I came over, it was the weirdest thing and nobody batted an eye at it. The dogs would just run around the house with leashes dragging behind them still clipped to their harnesses. He never took them off or put them up.

6. wtf?

They had a substantial aquarium with larger, aggressive fish visibly killing and eating the smaller ones right before our eyes as we sat in their living room.

When asked why they’d mix incompatible types of fish in the same tank, they said “It’s like the dog-eat-dog existence we live in, too.”

7. “Vase”

I have a really old, kind of not-all-there aunt who loves thrifting and in the entryway to her house she has a “vase” of artificial flowers, but the vase is really a bong with a missing stem.

8. In plain sight

Growing up, I was at a friend’s house, getting ready to pick a movie to watch. Was told to only pick from the bottom shelves as the top held her dad’s porn collection.

9. Awkward

My friend’s sister and her boyfriend had her lingerie shots in their photo album (before digital) on the coffee table. A little uncomfortable for me very uncomfortable for my friend.

10. Bathroom etiquette

Went to a friend’s house when I was 14. His mom didn’t allow shoes in the house so it was bare feet or socks. Used his bathroom and my socks got soaked when I walked on his bathroom rug. Thought it was strange and maybe a pipe might be leaking. Washing my hands notice a garbage can full of toilet paper and some other stuff. Go back to his room and explain what I saw in his bathroom. He looked at me like I sprouted a second head. Told me he’s not allowed to flush toilet paper because it may clog the toilet. Ok bad pipes, cheap apartment, whatever. The rug though, he would put cold water on it all the time because it felt good during the summer on his feet.