40 photographers were shortlisted for the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Awards – an award that’s about not only revealing the humorous side of nature, but also supporting conservation efforts. The awards work with the Born Free Foundation and other animal welfare charities that take worldwide action to save animal lives and protect wild species.

This year’s awards featured funny, heartwarming photographs in 6 amazing categories, and you can peruse the 40 finalists below!  (and then go check out the winners!)

#40. “OMG I forget he gets to second base in this movie. Close your eyes, son.”

#39. I can’t make heads or tails of this.

#38. When you gotta go…

#37. They won their local salsa competition.


#35. Ah yes, the elusive wing-headed bear…

#34. Dream big, Tarzan dreams, little blueberry muncher.

#33. Happiness in a photo.

 #32. Circus rodent.

#31. Cut back on the beers, Steve.

#30. Well, that’s just rude!

#29. I need this on hand for every Facebook argument, ever.

#28. “It wasn’t that funny, darling.”

#27. “You want it back? COME AND GET IT.”

#26. My husband, when he can’t find the clippers.

#25. When things just go way deeper than you thought.

 #24. “Paint me like one of your French geckos, Jack.”

#23. When you have to just walk away or you’re gonna lose your shit.

#22. Auditions for Arctic Headless Horsemen have commenced.

#21. “Faster, Mom!”

#20. These birds are taking mental pictures of you to submit to their funny images contest.

#19. “We were supposed to turn left back there. Why can’t you just ask for directions?”

#18. Some days are for skipping.


#16. Now there’s a flying fish.

#15. “Hi, strangers!”

#14. I wonder if he knows his head could get stuck like that.

#13. This bird is about to tell boring stories from the old days to his grandbirds.

#12. “I laugh in the face of your annoying buzzing. LAUGH I TELL YOU!”

#11. Nyah nyah!

 #10. It’s basically Ratatouille, but instead of a rat cooking, it’s a gopher conducting an orchestra.

#9. “No lion will notice this moving bush.”

#8. “This is totally my first ear of corn today, why do you ask?”

#7. When the fish fights back.

#6. Mondays, man.

#5. I feel like if I kissed this frog, it would almost certainly turn into a prince…

#4. Grumpy Old Fishes

#3. “BOO” “Holy crap don’t scare me like that!”

#2. Well, this is awkward.

#1. “Fine, you can sit there, but no pooping!”

h/t: Bored Panda