The 5 Best Workouts You Can Do at Home

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I don’t know about you, but I’m 100% more likely to do a workout in the winter if I don’t have to leave the house. It’s cold, the streets are bad, people are sick and cranky, and in January the gym is always packed with other people trying to keep their New Year’s resolutions.

Why would you want to wade through all of that garbage if you could get just as good (or even better) a workout at home?

Well, with any one of these 5 DVDs, you totally can. So what are you waiting for?

#5. Natalie Jill’s Rev4

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4 short workouts to help you feel like you’re getting your day started out right with minimal time investment, or you can combine all 4 into a total body workout. The options are great and the host/trainer has good energy – super important for a fitness video.

#4. Barre Amped Boot Camp

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These low-impact but effective fat-melting exercises will help you tone with plies, lunges, and lifts. You will need a light set of weights, but you can also expect to feel firmer within a few sessions.

#3. Bikini Body: Absolution

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This duo of cardio-centric exercises focuses on burning calories and toning muscle. It’s tough, but not advanced, so it’s a good place to start.

#2. Pound Rockout Results System

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If you’re looking for intense cardio to jumpstart your calorie loss after all of those holiday cookies, look no further. It’s a unique workout that’s designed to make you forget that you’re sweating your butt off at the same time.

#1. 21 Day Fix

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With 7 different workouts, plus modifications offered to each one, you’ll have a hard time getting bored or stagnating with this video. The workouts range from cardio to abs to strength to Pilates, so this is a DVD that will keep you on track for a long time to come.