Some pretty crazy sports have graced the Olympics in the past 120 years.  Some of them are no longer with us.

But some of them are still going strong. Take, for instance, race walking – which is exactly what it sounds like. Remember when people used to go to the mall? Remember seeing elderly couples speedwalking past you in their matching track suits? Well, that’s basically been an Olympic sport since 1908.


I had no idea. Learning this was very exciting for me, because as much as I love watching archery, it can get a little old. I get bored with sports sometimes (except baseball), but watching athletes compete with the entire world can be very thrilling. Being the purveyor of comedy that I am however, I can’t help but wonder how magical the Summer Olympics would be if there was a category of sports that were more, shall we say, completely ridiculous? Yes. Yes, we shall.

I, for one, vote cheese rolling should be an Olympic sport.


Photo credit: DYKB


Photo credit: DYKB


Photo credit: DYKB

I mean, cheese rolling! Amiright?

But that’s as far as I’m gonna go with ideas. There are other people who are better at this sort of thing. Like my friends at, who put their heads together and came up with some of the most ludicrous sports they could think of.

Like the High Dive Belly Flop…


Photo credit: BicMedia

…or Shake Weight Lifting.

Photo credit: BicMedia

Photo credit: BicMedia

They were, in fact, so good at coming with ideas, that they created an amazing video of 5 Rejected Olympic Sports so people like me could be entertained and imagine them as an alternative reality. If you’re curious to see what a Pokémon GO marathon would look like, you should absolutely check it out. Enjoy!

Video via: BicMedia