Stranger Things Season 1 was such a smash hit, it took the entertainment world by storm. The trailer for Season 2 recently dropped, and people all over the Internet are weighing in with their theories about what’s going to unfold when the show resumes.

Take a look at these 5 fan theories and see if you agree.

1. The Thessalhydra from ‘D&D’ is Season 2’s monster

The final game of “Dungeons & Dragons” in Season 1 really seemed to catch the attention of fans, especially the creature called “Thessalhydra” that Will defeated. Just like the hydra from Greek mythology, Thessalhydra has many heads (8) that regenerate if they are cut off.

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The creature shown in the teaser that aired during the Super Bowl looks like it might just be a multi-headed hydra monster. Indeed, some fans believe that the last “D&D” game was foreshadowing the monster in Season 2. Will was able to lop off 7 of Thessalhydra’s heads in the D&D game…leaving one behind.

Uh oh.

2. Nancy Wheeler may ultimately wind up with Jonathan Byers

We all know that Nancy ended up in Steve Harrington’s arms at the end of Season 1. But one fan noticed that Nancy looked distant and not all that enthused about her new(ish) beau.

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Just before that ending, Nancy gave Jonathan a camera to replace the one Steve had broken in a previous episode. Nancy and Jonathan obviously have chemistry, as they banded together to fight the monster. Steve’s participation was practically an afterthought – he happened upon their plan and joined up unwittingly.

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3. Will Byers is part monster now

At the end of last season, Will coughed up one of those gross slug things from the Upside Down world, where he was trapped for almost all of Season 1. We see the bathroom lights flicker and get a brief glimpse of that world’s creepiness just for a moment.

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Will seems concerned, but then he returns to his family as if everything was fine. Since Will did indeed have contact with the monster, it seems rational to assume that he now has some monster inside of him. The Super Bowl teaser in particular made it seem like Will has a connection to the giant Season 2 monster in some way.

4. Hopper’s daughter is actually Eleven

This one seems like it’s a bit of a stretch, but a YouTube channel called Planet Calvin presents a compelling case. In Season 1, it’s hinted that Hopper’s daughter really didn’t die from cancer – maybe just tells himself that story because what really occurred was worse. The timeline of what happened to Hopper’s daughter and what happened to Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives, sort of match up if you look closely for clues.

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You can watch Planet Calvin’s breakdown of the two complementary theories here. Even if they aren’t totally on the money, Planet Calvin probably hit on some overlooked details that might be significant in the show’s future.

5. Eleven and the monster are one and the same

Okay, one more. First things first. The boys in the show named the monster after the Demogorgon, a two-headed beast.

The two-headed beast is controlled by two different personalities, Aameul and Hethradiah, according to D&D. These two minds hate each other and are mortal enemies to the point that they would kill each other, if it weren’t the same as committing suicide. This theory posits that perhaps Eleven and the monster comprise a two-headed beast, just like the Demogorgon. If Eleven and the monster are inseparable and depend on each other for survival in some way, maybe that explains why they both disappeared at the same time in final episode of Season 1.

Also, keep in mind that the monster first appeared not in the Upside Down world, but in Eleven’s mind when she was in that weird experiment. Did she make the Demogorgon real? Who knows.

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Need more convincing? Some fans are citing a subtle reference to an X-Men character. In the first episode, the boys race home on their bikes and the loser will have their comics scavenged. Will says, “I’ll take your X-Men #134!” Nerds – I mean fans – know that this issue of X-Men served as a turning point for the Jean Grey character. Grey has the power of telekinesis, and she is struggling with an evil being inside of her. Kind of sounds like Eleven, possibly?

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But wait, there’s more! In issue #134, Grey pins an adversary against a wall, just like Eleven does with the monster. And then, when Eleven and the monster reach out to each other, they both disappear. It’s pretty obvious at this point that Eleven and the monster have some sort of connection.

Okay, there’s still a little more evidence that might convince you…After Eleven saves Mike from jumping off a cliff, she says, “The gate…I opened it. I am the monster.” Some probably think that’s just her feeling guilty, but remember, Eleven is not once to mince words. She really doesn’t like liars.

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So what do you think? Convinced yet?

h/t: The Wrap, Dorkly

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