I know, I know. Everyone likes a good mystery – and they like it even better when it’s supposed to have endured for years, even decades, without being solved.

Well…sorry to burst your bubbles, readers, but these 5? We figured them out.

But don’t worry! There are plenty more strange and mysterious phenomena out there that remain to be understood.

#5. Alien Lights on Ceres

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Ceres, in case you’re wondering, is a dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter. In 2015, NASA’s Dawn probe snapped some shots of Ceres and beamed back pictures of a crater that appeared to be lit up like the Griswold’s at Christmas.

I’m pretty sure that even scientists were all jazzed up thinking about all sorts of alien life scenarios, but that was before they looked more closely and found…a big pile of salt.

Yep. Boring, right?

The crater looks like it’s glowing because the salt reflects the sun’s light better than the surrounding material. Scientists are actually still pretty pumped about it, since it means there were likely oceans on the dwarf planet in the past.

#4. The Marfa Lights

The town of Marfa, TX has become something of a tourist destination for seekers of alien lights. This is because, over the last half a century or so, strange, dancing lights have often been seen on the horizon.

If people are claiming to be kidnapped and probed, though, they should look elsewhere – the lights don’t belong to any kind of alien spaceship. Rather, they’re simple headlights. You know. From cars traveling along the nearby Route 67.

A group of University of Texas physics students discovered the real source of the lights over a four-night observation.

#3. The Bloop

When, back in 1997, a mysterious underwater sound (the “bloop”) was recorded by two separate microphones that were 3000 miles apart, everyone just assumed some giant, mythical beast had come to life. Makes sense, right?

Well, what makes more sense is that the noise was simply chunks of Antarctic ice falling off the continent and plopping into the ocean – the resulting sound much like the one you hear when you drop an ice cube in your drink, only magnified. Really, really magnified.

#2. Bleeding Religious Statues

Image Credit: tvaraj

Photo Credit: tvaraj

People have been claiming to witness this phenomenon for hundreds of years, and, for those looking for signs about the hereafter, these bleeding statues have often been seen as proof.

The truth?

It’s bacteria, not blood. Which is still pretty gross, but not nearly as signficant for the religious-minded. You’ve likely seen the common bacteria serratia marcescens before – as you scrubbed your shower.

#1. The Disappearance of the Bees


Photo Credit: Inquisitr

I’m pretty sure that the only people who haven’t figured out that pesticides are killing off the world’s bee population are people who are deeply invested in the pesticide industry (looking at you, Monsanto).

The populations are declining because of “colony collapse disorder,” and it has been proven to result directly from the use of neonicotinoids – a class of pesticides that has now been banned in many places – because it makes bees more susceptible to diseases.

Though bees aren’t dying out at the rate of, say, elephants or rhinos, seven species were recently placed on the Endangered Species List.

h/t: Cracked