It’s time to talk about two of my favorite things: travel and autumn. Put them together, and what do you get? Gorgeous colors, warm sweaters, trying different foods and drinks, and a crisp breeze on a brand new trail.

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Sound amazing? Yeah, I wish I could get on a plane to New England RIGHT NOW.

I can’t, unfortunately – but if you can, here are 6 places you’ll want to seriously consider for an amazing October getaway.

I’ll just be over here, huddled over my pumpkin spice latte and dreaming of a day when that kind of freedom belongs to me again. Sigh.

6. Istanbul, Turkey

Sometimes it’s not about the changing of the leaves, but in the steal of a deal you can grab in the offseason. If you’ve been dying to see Istanbul, rates are lower in the fall and so are the temperatures. Get going!

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5. Western Ireland

The Emerald Isle is extra green in this rainiest of rainy seasons. Not only that, but cities like Cork, Belfast, and Dublin are all holding large annual festivals that are sure to have wide appeal. If you’re wanting a quieter trip, there’s always the Wild Atlantic Way along the western coastlines – stop and stand atop the Cliffs of Moher on your way to the Dingle Peninsula.

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Oh, but bring a coat. A COAT, PEOPLE, and also a hat and a scarf and gloves. Do not listen to local people who say it will be “chilly” out. Brrr.

4. Richmond, Virginia

Take a ride down Skyline Drive, a route that tumbles past the Blue Ridge Mountains and through Shenandoah National Park. Considered one of America’s best road trips, the transformation of the creeper vines and dogwoods in the autumn make the season a perfect time to take the trip. You can pull off and take a hike, if that’s your thing, but don’t forget to spend a few days touring the historic city before you head back home.

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3. Nashville, Tennessee

I spent some time in Tennessee last November and can attest to the beauty of the Smoky Mountains in the eastern part of the state. That said, Nashville has been voted a Destination of the Year, and in my opinion, that goes double in the fall. The leaves are colorful, it’s not so humid your hair will do a magical expanding act, and you get the same great entertainment year round.

2. Acadia National Park, Maine

If autumn foliage is what you’re after, then the coastal Acadia National Park must be on your list. Whether you’re driving, biking, or hiking, the forests that overlook Bar Harbor will take your breath away. If you’ve got your camera along, you’re also likely to catch some cool wildlife in action, whether it’s a fox, a seal, or even a bald eagle.

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1. Lima, Peru

October signals the end of the dry season in this coastal city, and there are endless opportunities to try new food, check out exciting art, and attend the Lord of the Miracles procession. It honors the image of a black Christ painted in Colonial times and is one of the largest parades in the Americas.

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