What if we gave you a list of Fact Snacks about animals getting it on and we made sure you leaned a lot of somethings along the way?

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It’d be like a tuna tornado of knowledge.

What’s a tuna tornado?

Well, it’s as gross as it is amazing, and it’s in the collection below.

But first, let’s get into how fish have accents that are basically cock-blocking their transatlantic hookup efforts:

6. Lack of conversation might kill cod sex.

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So I guess they’re saying the whole species could get lost in translation…


5. Leonie did it (with?) herself.

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Just (kinda) like Jurassic Park…

Zebra sharks are gonna take over!

4. Diego brought his whole species back from the brink with his super-sperm.

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Just like a tortoise… slow start with a strong finish.

There’s an easy sex pun in there, but I’m gonna let it go.

3. Tuna Tornadoes: giant balls of sperm, eggs, and fish.

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It’s amazing.

It’s also gross.

And there’s probably a porn subreddit for it, somewhere…

2. Penises used to have bones.

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If your erection lasts more than four hours, you might not have evolved yet…

1. Also, penises used to have spines.

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That’s a pretty hardcore evolutionary tactic.

And it’s also super-mean.

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