Some people can take great photos every single time, which is really aggravating when yours always look like garbage. But why does this happen!?? It’s because there are special techniques that drastically improve your photos, and those people are probably using them to look better than you. These simple secrets will help you get the best out of every shot.

TIP #1: Eliminate Double Chins
This is a trick that Heidi Klum swears by. When you smile, stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth. It’ll lengthen your neck and make double chins disappear. Also, make sure to stick your chin out like a turtle. It feels odd, but at the right angle it does amazing things.

TIP #2: Slim Your Waist
Turn your body 45 degrees and put the hand that’s closest to the camera on your hip. This creates a triangle in between your arm and your waist. Next, put the other hand on your hip with that same triangle, and you’ll instantly slim your waistline.

TIP #3: Shrink Your Hips
Whatever is closest to the camera looks bigger. Pushing your hips back makes them look smaller and will also tilt your shoulders forward, making your torso seem thinner.

TIP #4: Get an Instant Arm Lift
Letting your arms hang by your side spreads them out and doesn’t engage the muscles. Use your shoulders to lift the arm facing the camera, and pull it away from your body to eliminate unflattering photos. > More

TIP #5: Elongate Your Neck
Lowering your front shoulder elongates the neck and accentuates the way you’re posing your arms, hips, and face. More

TIP #6: Slim and Accentuate Your Curves
If you want to face the camera, make sure to tilt your body so you make a slight S-shape. This slims your figure and showcases curves. > More

TIP #7: Get the Best Angle
It doesn’t matter if you’re at a pro photo shoot, or if a friend is taking your pic in a bar, you’ll always look better if the camera is a little bit above you. Shooting down from a higher angle highlights all the other tricks and creates one of the most flattering angles for taking a portrait. > More

Overall, don’t forget to just be yourself. Be goofy. Have fun. Make crazy faces. The happier you are, the better your picture will be!