The internet really is the great equalizer. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be the tide that raises all ships.

Sometimes, the tide is very low.

And that’s where we get easy pickin’ fruit – like these hoaxes that made us all a little bit dumber:

#7. CNN thought this was real?

I feel like I saw this at some point back in 2008 and didn’t bother to find out whether it was real or not.

Photo Credit: Museum of Hoaxes

I also don’t know that I cared.

I was never a fan of the former governor for much other than entertainment, and I didn’t and still don’t see what a photo of a politician in a swimsuit with a gun has to do with anything.

Anyhow, it was fake:

Photo Credit: Museum of Hoaxes

And maybe CNN’s entertainment reporter Lola Ogunnaike should have been more suspicious than I was.

#6. That’s no moon! (melon)

I still see this one floating around:

Photo Credit: Snopes

It probably started out on Tumblr as a blog post in 2011, and it kind of makes sense.

I mean, people are doing crazy things with fruits.

I just tried raisins that taste like Lemonheads.

Photo Credit: Raisels

Why do these exist?!

Raisins are already nature’s candy.

And I feel guilty for liking them when I tried them again this morning.

I also tried a grapple a few years ago:

Photo Credit: Grapple Fruits

It tasted like a waste of money.

So when I saw this around that same time:

Photo Credit: Museum of Hoaxes

I thought, “Well. OK.”

And I never stopped to question if it was just a doctored photo:

Photo Credit: Museum of Hoaxes

But it was.