It’s not hard to look at the evolution of humanity and realize that at our most basic, genetic level we’re all inbred. Maybe not to the point where our kids turn blue, but still – we are fundamentally more alike than we are different.

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In fact, if you are a human being, you more than likely have every single one of these super common, dominant genes.

If you are not a human being, please know that we come in peace.

#8. Your Eyelashes Are So Long

The cosmetics companies would have you believe that you need that mascara and the falsies, but in reality, long lashes are a dominant trait enjoyed by the majority of the population.

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#7. You’re Right-Handed

70-90% of people have a dominant right hand (it used to be more when people forced children to be right-handed, despite preference!).

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#6. Look At Those Broad Eyebrows

Don’t feel bad if you have to pluck to get thin, arched brows – thick and bushy is the dominant trait, but the unibrow is not.

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#5. You Have Dark Hair

More than 50% of people in the United States sport natural dark locks, but there are cultures around the world where that percentage is 98% or higher.

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#4. Your Left Thumb Automatically Crosses Over Your Right

Well over half of the world’s population display this random genetic predisposition.

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#3. Your Eyes Are Brown

55% of the world has brown eyes, which means more people are brown-eyed than all of the other colors combined. Take that!

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#2. You’ve Got A Round Face

In a world of squares or rounds, you’re most likely the latter.

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#1. Your Earlobe Hangs Free

No definitive study exists, but estimates are that this dominant gene exists in about 2/3 of the world’s population.

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Did you just touch your earlobe? I bet you did…

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