Whether you attend the real deal Oktoberfest in Munich or a sister celebration in any number of other cities, you know people are gonna get hammered and act like idiots. Adidas wised up and recently released a pair of footwear that will definitely come in handy for this fall.

Photo Credit: Facebook,Pradodesign

These are the kinds of products we need in our lives. Practical merchandise that we can use over and over and over… I, for one, welcome the new Adidas beer-and-vomit-repellant shoes. The leather sneakers have a coating called DPBR, or “durable puke and beer repellant.”

The shoes cost a pretty penny ($237.50), but Adidas believes they’re worth it, considering the attention to detail. The heels feature embroidery that pays homage to German lederhosen, the interior of the shoes are red-and-white checkered like a traditional Oktoberfest tablecloth, and ‘PROST’ (German for ‘Cheers’) is stitched on the side.

I might save up for these babies because I know either one of my friends, a stranger, or sadly, me, is probably going to puke all over me before October is through.

Photo Credit: Flickr,Maya83


h/t: Vice