Amazon Now Sells Live Animals Online – Here Are a Few You Can Buy

Photo Credit: Pexels, Chevanon Photography

Just when you thought Amazon couldn’t grow their eCommerce more…they have. In the dark recesses of Amazon, they sell live animals. It’s crazy to think that your Prime subscription can deliver a live thing on your doorstep within two days.

Before your imagination runs away from you, they are not selling anything from the actual Amazon rainforest, or even anything from a local farm.


Their selection is limited to animals around the size of your hand. Think home aquarium or pond.

Ready to dive in and see what they have?


Photo Credit: Amazon

Looking for the perfect algae eater to clean your tank? You can have this guy for just over $13!

Or you can have these interesting Malaysian Trumpet Snails. Isn’t he cute?

Photo Credit: Amazon


Are you looking to refresh your Koi stock? It appears there is a multitude of varieties and colors available for purchase.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Just be aware – Koi can get pricey real fast.

Tropical Fish

If tropical fish or the familiar Beta fish are more your speed, Amazon does not disappoint.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon

If you are scratching your head on delivery issues, check with each supplier. Most likely they offer a refund policy if these poor animals don’t arrive safely. World Wide Tropicals explains:

Dead On Arrival Policy: In the rare event that you receive a dead fish or invert please send us a picture within two hours of delivery, preferably still in the bag. Please include as much information as you can so our staff can check into the issue. Provided a customer follows our Item Acceptance Policy, we can then offer a refund, a replacement shipment, or a replacement fish on a future order. These instances are handled case by case, as it is such a rare occurrence.

And also consult with the supplier to better understand how delivery works. Most are not responsible if fish die because the items are not opened in a timely manner. See this example:

Item Acceptance Policy: Customers will receive an e-mail with tracking number and a delivery date. The delivery time of our packages should be about the same time a customer generally receives mail via UPS or USPS. Please make arrangement ensuring you are able to receive the fish when it is delivered. We are not responsible for packages left out in the elements for multiple hours, or for fish that are delivered but not unpacked in a timely fashion.

For more info on all Amazon availability, check out their “Best Sellers List.” And for all you aquarists out there…you’re welcome!