Amazon Prime Video Has ‘Cat TV’ For Free To Entertain Your Pets

Photo Credit: iStock

If you’re a pet owner who feels guilty leaving your pet at home alone, Amazon Prime has a brand new solution: TV for cats.

This is real.

The streaming service is full of videos to entertain indoor cats, featuring footage of birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and more birds. The service could keep cats from getting bored while you’re at work all day — or you could even throw the TV on for your indoor cat while you’re home.

The videos include such riveting titles as “Movies for Cats – Forest Birds and Chipmunks,” “Songbirds and Squirrels on a Tree,” and “Baby Robin’s Day Out.” The videos mimic the experience of looking out the window, watching the birds and other critters.

The only potential side effect of cat TV? Your cat may end up attempting to hunt your television. This genre gives “reality TV” a whole new meaning.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, your cats can still enjoy the same experience, because YouTube is full of videos for cats for free. In fact, these free videos were the inspiration behind Amazon Prime’s Cat TV service, according to a blog post.

Amazon Fire TV software engineer Sue Kim says her cat Ruby adores these videos.

“I simply leave the video playing when I leave for work, and that occupies Ruby until her nap,” Sue writes. “She also doesn’t get so upset when I leave.”

Dogs would likely enjoy watching cat TV too, especially the shows with squirrels or chipmunks. Bonus: The nature-oriented videos seem pretty darn calming for humans, too!