It’s the question job candidates dread the most (along with ‘what kind of animal are you?’ – so dumb). It’s tough to figure out how to answer this one. Are you honest about it, or do you tell the interviewer what they want to hear? By now you know I’m talking about the question, “What is your biggest weakness?”

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Some “experts” tell job seekers to portray one of their strengths as a weakness to look better. Don’t do that. Instead, you’ll benefit greatly if you actually answer the question honestly. What a concept, right?

Acknowledging what your biggest weakness is is useful whether or not you’re interviewing for a job. It will help you become more self-aware and strengthen your emotional intelligence.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

It’s hard to ask yourself this question and even harder to admit what the true answer is. But in the long run, it’s an extremely helpful exercise. Once you figure out what your biggest weakness is, then you can start to take steps to do something about it.

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So, whether you’re up for a job, or you just want to work on improving yourself, answer this question honestly. It’ll get you closer to being the best person you can be.

Now get out there and do it!

h/t: Inc.