If you’re going to be traveling through Australia during the months of September and October, you might want to wear a helmet.

Of course, that didn’t really seem to do Amber any good:

Photo Credit: Amber and Billo’s

Neither did being on a bicycle:

Photo Credit: Amber and Billo’s

That’s because in the fall Australia has what they call “The Swooping Season”:

Photo Credit: did you know?

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Amber was trying out a whole bunch of methods to keep the magpies at bay, things like eyes, twigs, and spikes.

The twigs seemed to work. The eyes? Not so much…

You want to see the whole video?

Of course you do:

Maybe she should have stuck with the twigs, or gone with some zip-tie spikes like this person:

They call that a “hedgehog hat.”

Swooping Season is more than a small nuisance, according to Professor Darryl Jones, who spoke to the New York Times:

It is the biggest urban wildlife problem there is in Australia just because of the scale and sheer number of animals involved.

If you’re planning on traveling through any areas where they nest, you probably need to be on the lookout for those magpies:

Photo Credit: Cfitzart/CC BY-SA 3.0

One more video?


Here’s a sweet POV video of the swooping:

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