You hear people say all the time that the chances of winning the lottery are so small that people who buy tickets regularly are just throwing their money away. We know at this point that’s not entirely true – the proceeds from lottery tickets benefit all kinds of good stuff, like schools and environmental protection programs. So even if the people buying them are losing cash, someone is gaining. In theory.

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For Australian Bill Morgan, though, the ho-hum story has turned out quite a bit differently.

He was a youngish man – not even forty – when he had a pretty rough year in 1999. First, he was in a bad car accident, then he almost died of a heart attack. Next, he had an allergic reaction to some medication given to him at the hospital, which sent him into a coma for 12 days.

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Bill’s number wasn’t up, apparently, because he survived. And a few days later, his number was up when he won a car in a lottery (worth almost $20k).

But we’re not done.

A few weeks after all of this happened, the local news station got hold of his story. They were filming him at the convenience store where he bought the winning lottery ticket and having him scratch another to re-enact the event when Bill found himself staring at another winning ticket – this time for a cool $250k.

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Check out the video below that was shot as it happened – if it doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know if you have one.

h/t: BBC

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