Terry Crews has to be one of the most likable people in Hollywood, don’t you think? He’s cool, funny, and he seems to be very honest and kind. Something he recently proved again in a very hilarious way.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Terry Crews

Darrel Kennedy thought she was using her credit card in excess and spending too much money, so she came up with an idea: putting a photo of Terry Crews looking at her sternly on her card in order to curb her impulse to overspend.

But the folks at Wells Fargo, Kennedy’s bank, told her they wouldn’t complete her request unless she got full permission from Mr. Crews himself. As you can probably guess, trying to actually get in touch with a big celebrity is next to impossible. But Kennedy thought she’d give it a shot.

Much to her surprise, Crews responded with his full approval!

Photo Credit: Twitter, terrycrews

Kennedy then got in touch with her bank.

Crews had his fingers crossed for her.

Photo Credit: Twitter, terrycrews

Finally, Kennedy let everyone know that Wells Fargo had indeed approved the card!

Crews was excited, too:

Photo Credit: Twitter, terrycrews

How cool is that?!?!

h/t: Pizza Bottle