You know what I’m talking about (okay, fine – you know what I’m talking about if you have Snapchat and the right sort of friends). The platform, with its promise that pictures will disappear after less than a minute, is perfect for making yourself look as silly as possible for the amusement of your closest friends.

No one probably realized how attractive this feature would be, or how much people would enjoy making themselves look silly, but, hey, they’re not complaining about the millions of bucks it’s made them, are they?

Below are 15 of the most startling before and after pics I’ve seen in a while – before, with their normal face, and after they’ve contorted themselves to look like Frankenstein’s monster had a baby with Jabba the Hut.

And with that image in your head, I say, enjoy.

15. Pretty sure this is zombie CGI

Photo Credit: Reddit, jennisfit

14. Okay, but her eye is really freaking me out

13. Apparently, practice makes perfect

Photo Credit: Reddit, immagingerkid

12. Witchcraft

Photo Credit: Reddit, shezahardcase

11. Just. HOW?

Photo Credit: Reddit, achoosier

10. Sister love

9. Teach ’em young

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. Oh my gosh…

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. Overachiever

Photo Credit: Reddit, achoosier

6. Pretty sure she was an extra in the Trolls movie

Photo Credit: Reddit, anitromsen

5. “Chincandescent lighting”

Photo Credit: Reddit, rhapsodyinpoo

4. Those teeth though

Photo Credit: Reddit, immagingerkid

3. Seriously, that can NOT be the same girl

Photo Credit: Reddit, chompop

2. Chins are weird

Photo Credit: Reddit, rhapsodyinpoo

1. Excuse me, miss, how much to cross your bridge?

Photo Credit: Reddit

h/t: Bored Panda

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