John Belushi was one of the founding cast members of Saturday Night Live back in 1975, where he brought to life memorable characters like Samurai Futaba and the famous Blues Brothers, created with Dan Aykroyd:

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You’ll hear a lot of people wonder what could have been, had Belushi not died of a drug overdose in 1982.

But his SNL cast-mate, Jane Curtain, probably wonders how things might have gone if he’d actually given a crap about the sketches he was in that were written by women:

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Curtain and Belushi became quite close while auditioning for various versions of SNL before Lorne Michaels’ show got off the ground.

But, according to Curtain, Belushi’s attitude took a swift U-turn once they arrived on the set of the soon-to-be cultural phenomenon. That’s when it became clear to her that he did not respect the women in the cast or the writers’ room.

Here she is, telling the story for the Archive of American Television:

And, of course, there’s the more widely known clip from a 2011 Oprah interview, where Curtain rebutted Chevy Chase’s slightly different recollection of the atmosphere at SNL in 1975.

You can watch that here:

Tina Fey is also in the clip. Look for her right after Curtain mentions that while she was starring on SNL, a cultural phenom, being a woman meant that she couldn’t even get a credit card…

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