Hopefully by now you’ve seen the NEWEST chapter of Harry Potter: “Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash”. It was made using an ingenious predictive-text bot, and the results were absolutely hilarious. READ IT NOW:

Photo Credits: Twitter

Naturally, the internet is losing its diddlydamned mind over this, even leading to some illustrations for the new text.

Photo Credit: Twitter

BUT. WAIT FOR IT. The best part…Botnik Studios has provided links to their predictive text program, and you can make your own Harry Potter passages. Here’s mine:

Harry looked quickly as possible to the skulduggery behind him and the train began to move out of the window at the sky outside the classroom. Hermione whispered beneath the invisibility cloak over at Ron’s feet and said breathlessly “Voldemort did another somersault, Ron. He squeaked the elf repeatedly.” Having heard this, Harry felt himself hard against his wand and pointed at Ron with his eyes.

I. Can’t. Stop.

Here are the links for you to do it yourself: Harry Potter Narration Bot & Harry Potter Dialgoue Bot.

You’re welcome. I dare you to try and be productive at work after clicking that link.

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