It’s official…we have everything. Please welcome “The Buttress” Pillow.

Creator Jiayang Guo sought to create the perfect pillow – one that replicated what he considered to be the perfect location to rest his head: his girlfriend’s ass. So he did it. He created a life-sized natural latex butt-pillow that comes in white, black, or aqua ‘yoga pants’.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Strangely, it looks like a stroke of ergonomic genius. I mean, yes, most will view this as a straight novelty item, but Guo put some serious work into the design of this thing. It is ergonomically designed for side, back, and stomach sleepers alike.

Photo Credit: YouTube

AND…there’s more. It comes in two sizes: the ‘Original Double Bubble (ODB)’ and the ‘Oh My God Look at That Butt (OMG)’. I think he’s stumbled onto something magical here.

Check them out on Kickstarter and visit their official website for details on when and how you can get your hands on one.

h/t: The Chive