If you’re a single adult, you know what the holidays mean: constant questions from friends and family at the dinner table about why you don’t have a significant other and what’s wrong with you. It’s a lot of fun!

Photo Credit: Flickr, cybaea

A gal named Emily Seawright decided that this year she’d poke a little fun at herself before everyone else could. And she decided to do it in her family’s Christmas card. Not surprisingly, the hilarious card went viral. Take a look at this beauty.

Going from left to right, Emily’s parents are “Excited,” a couple is “Engaged,” a young set of parents and their kiddo are “Expecting,” and Emily is, well, “Emily.”

Poor Emily, sitting on the sidelines while her family is overjoyed with the developments in their lives. Emily’s post went viral, and her fellow single Tweeters offered their support – and their own family photo experiences.

Photo Credit: Twitter, HansenKylee

This Egg McMuffin tweet might be the best of the bunch.

Let’s hope Emily finds someone who makes her happy soon so she can have a different role in next year’s card.

h/t: Pizza Bottle