Do you ever wonder why your furry feline friend is constantly destroying your furniture? You give your cat nothing but love and respect, and they turn around and obliterate your couch, loveseat, etcetera ad infinitum.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Resio

You might be surprised to learn there is a very specific reason behind this behavior.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

According to cat behaviorists (that’s apparently a real thing), there are several factors that contribute to cat scratch fever (lame, but I had to, sorry). First, cats are drawn to furniture that is placed in a conspicuous area, that’s why they’re not destroying chairs placed somewhere in a back room.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Mr.TinDC

Second, they’re marking their territory. When they scratch things, cats are using scent glands in their paws to leave behind smells for other cats (and animals). Those smells let every feline in the area know that that furniture (or whatever object) is theirs.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Another reason your cat scratches the furniture is pretty simple: they’re getting rid of old, worn-down nails so they can grow new ones. And – lastly – cats like to work out their back muscles after they nap. Hey, sleeping 16 hours a day will do that to you.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

If you’re really sick and tired of your cat shredding your couch, go ahead and buy them a scratching post. Put it near the furniture they typically do their work on, so they’ll now be able to leave their mark in a high-traffic area.

Do you feel better about all of this now? I know I do.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

h/t: Mental Floss