We all have two faces – the one we (do our best to) show the world on a daily basis, and the one we reserve for our private lives (or at least for those who have to love us no matter how we act).

Celebrities, it turns out, are human beings and have feelings and faces much like our own!

But seriously, they probably have even more occasion to pull out their “real self” when they’re no longer on display for fans, media, cameras, or any of the other instances in which they’re asked to be “on” all the time. So, when photographer Andrew H. Walker asked them to put those different sides of themselves on display for his camera, we got a pretty amazing look behind the curtain.

The photographs were taken at the Toronto Film Festival, with the only available props being a table and the piece of tape that divides the two personas.

20. Anne Hathaway

This makes me sad for some reason…

19. Gerard Butler

It looks as if he’s an overthinker in private.

18. Jeremy Renner

So many of them look relieved to be not smiling.

17. Hailee Steinfeld

Oh my gosh, I just want to rest.

16. David Oyelowo

I love seeing the fun side, no matter when it comes out.

15. Ewan McGregor

I love the way he’s looking at himself all bemused. Lol.

14. Sandra Oh

More anxiety that’s being hidden by the camera-ready face.

13. Richard Gere

No pictures, please.

12. Bryce Dallas Howard

A goofy side!

11. Mahershala Ali

That smile, though.

10. Amy Adams

Similar to Anne Hathaway’s. Seems to be a trend…