From Perry Mason to Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys to Jessica Fletcher, I doubt there are many among us who didn’t fantasize at some point in our lives about being a detective. It seemed so glam to be able to pick locks and, let’s be honest, to always be able to prove that you’re the smartest person in the room.

If the latter applies to you, definitely scroll through these 4 riddles to see if your skills are up to snuff!

#1. A Lonely Man

Photo Credit: Pixabay

A lonely man hardly ever left his house in the suburbs. One midsummer Friday, the mailman called out to check on the man and, receiving no answer, looked in a window. He saw the lonely man lying in a pool of blood and called the police.

The investigators found Tuesday’s newspaper, 2 bottles of warm milk, and 1 bottle of cold milk. The killer was arrested the next day.

Who was it, and how did they solve the case so quickly?

#2. A Stolen Necklace

Photo Credit: Brightside

Mrs. Smith called the police to report the theft of her vintage necklace. They came to investigate but found no signs of a break-in other than one broken window. The interior of the house was a total mess, however, with dirty footprints all over the floor.

Why was Mrs. Smith arrested for fraud?

#3. A Dead Friend

Photo Credit: Pixabay

John was passing by his friend Jack’s house and decided to stop in for a visit. He rang the bell and knocked, but getting no answer, grew worried. He could see the light in the living room through a frozen window, so he breathed on the iced glass and saw his friend dead on the floor.

The police arrested John as a suspect. Why?

#4. A Murder At School

Photo Credit: Pixabay

It’s the first day of school and the geography teacher turns up murdered. The police pulled 4 suspects in and asked for their alibis:

  • The gardener claimed to be cutting bushes.
  • The math teacher said he was holding a mid-year test.
  • The coach was playing basketball with his team.
  • The principal said he was in his office.

The police made a swift and accurate arrest. Who killed the teacher?


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