Michigan-based artist Emma Ward adopted her pet chameleon, Olive, in April of 2016. She loves the little gal, and recently, she realized that Olive would gladly grasp any object (that was the right size and weight, of course) that Emma handed over. And since Emma is an artist, her mind immediately started conjuring creative ideas for things Olive might hold.

The results are delighting the internet, with the tweets of Olive holding tiny versions of weapons (mostly) being retweeted and shared nearly 200k times. 


The internet quickly respond with pictures of other pet chameleons also holding silly things, and it is magical.

Photo Credit: Twitter@d3vin_harmon

And, in case you’re wondering, sugar gliders do the same thing. 

My dogs, sadly, do not. Apparently, it’s time to get a lizard.

h/t: Bored Panda

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